We aim to be the key partner in providing reliable total analyzer solutions to our customers. High availability, accurate data and low cost of ownership enable our clients to deliver their product in the most economical way.

Hobré Analyzers

We have been supplying first-class on-line analyzers for demanding applications for more than 35 years. Ever since the company was founded we have worked with our clients and partners to create fit-for-purpose solutions for oil and gas production, refining, the (petro-) chemical sector and other industries. We are a leading maker of analyzers measuring BTU/Wobbe Index, H2S and S. We have agreements with leading manufacturers for other applications such as physical property analysis, process gas chromatography and SRU analysis. Additionally, we design and provide sample conditioning systems to further enhance high-quality analysis in these applications.

What we offer

Our engineering, production and service team consists of knowledgeable, experienced engineers that design and construct analyzers, preconditioning systems, sample conditioning systems, sample recovery systems and complete analyzer system packages for a broad range of gas and liquid applications.

  • Understanding of processes and requirements
  • Excellence in implementation
  • Taking responsibility from design to results
  • Compliance with international (HSE) standards
  • Clear focus on quality and low cost of ownership
Innovation is company wide
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