in the oil and gas, process, power generation, steel and food industries.

Measurement of the Wobbe Index, BTU, heating value, Combustion Air Requirement Index (CARI) and specific gravity

Typical applications


  • Natural gas and LNG blending control
  • Fuel gas – combustion feed-forward control on boilers, furnaces and heaters
  • Gas turbine control
  • LNG
  • Flare gas
  • Coke and blast furnace gases
  • Acid gas incineration
  • Gas stabilization skids

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TDL with photo acoustic method for H2S, CO2 and H2O analysis

Typical applications


  • Three-phase crude oil
  • Production and test separator monitoring
  • Natural gas, crude and condensate treatment
  • Sales gas, crude and condensate metering
  • Tank headspace
  • Fuel and flare gas
  • Recycled gas
  • Liquid fuels
  • LPG and CO2

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EDXRF elemental analysis

Typical applications


  • Analysis of S in liquid fuels, including gasoline, diesel and fuel oil, from 5 ppm to percentage levels
  • Zn, Ni, Fe, Sn and Au in plating baths
  • Cl in resin production
  • Co, Mn and Br in PTA and PIA plants
  • Pb, Mo, Cd, U and Cu in waste water

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Complete process analyzer solutions


  • LNG analysis and sampling
  • Up and midstream process metering, including manual sampling
  • Refinery processes and blending
  • Gas and LNG plants


Our gas and liquid sample conditioning systems incorporate innovative designs to maintain analyzer health and fitness, low operating costs and maximum availability.

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