Growing demand for milk powder and rising energy prices have resulted in production facilities continuously striving to optimize their processes. Flow, temperature, and humidity are important parameters used in maximizing the efficiency of powder dryer operation.

MAIN GOAL Maximizing output and extending product cycles


In 2012, an explosion in a milk powder factory in Melbourne, Australia, caused $300k worth of damage. The local fire authority warned that milk powder is as explosive as coal dust, due to the high temperatures both products are dried at. This is not an uncommon story, but one that could potentially be prevented. Fast and accurate CO detection has already proven to be the most effective method for the early detection of a smoldering fire.

MAIN GOAL a safe production process

HICOSYS – H2O and CO analysis


The Hobré HICOSYS is the first to combine H2O and CO measurement in one analyzer. By doing so, it is able to provide accurate and durable measurement of absolute humidity, and fast and reliable CO detection. The combination also provides better control of powder sedimentation and significantly reduces chances of smoldering. The HICOSYS is suitable for any powder drying process involving a spray dryer. Typical applications include skimmed, whole and goat’s milk, and infant formula.



Installing an analyzer that measures both H2O and CO ensures maximum throughput and extended production cycles. Energy consumption is significantly reduced because the entire process is optimized. Additionally, product quality is enhanced, and downtime is minimized through early explosion detection.


Analyzer benefits

  • Fast and reliable measurement
  • Highly accurate technology
  • Multiple sample points
  • Low user maintenance
  • Lower analyzer operational costs compared to conventional technology


The HICOSYS, with its combined H2O analysis and CO detection, has made it possible for powder producers to monitor one or both of these components using only one instrument. This combination improves control of powder sedimentation and, additionally, reduces chances of smoldering. The large user base, located all over the world, is a clear indicator of this technology’s worth. To further explore and study the benefits of this dual analysis, our R&D department, together with an independent food research institute, are performing tests, the results of which will be shared later this year. Being a company with a strong focus on innovation, we’re continuously working on improving our technologies in this way.

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NICOSYS – CO detection

For basic CO detection applications, we provide the NICOSYS-3, an analyzer that focuses on spray dryers and other types of dryers. Based on conventional technology, it can be used to detect CO and delta CO between the common inlet and outlet of the dryer installation.

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