H2S, Moisture and CO2 measurement in natural gas metering

Analysis of H2S, Moisture and CO2 in a natural gas pipeline system is safety critical; Fast response, good repeatability, a high-availability and low-OPEX analyzer are required in these applications. The Hobré TISOMIC, Tunable Diode Laser (TDL) with photo-acoustic detection, offers the above combination of features. The analyzer has no moving parts, an expected life time of Laser and detector of more than >10 years, and a typical drift of less than 5% over a year. For these low ppm applications a differential method is used which makes the instrument suitable for wide gas matrix variations. The utilities are limited to a power supply. The analyzer is available for H2S, CO2 and moisture as well as a combination of these 3 parameters. Dual-stream analyzers are available without the need for stream switching.

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