Best analyzers for oil and gas industry
Our technology covers all stages in the exploration and production (E&P) sector. These stages include the search for underground oil and gas fields and the drilling of exploratory wells.

Measurement of H2S, CO2, and H2O in gas streams

The HTL Hilase is used to monitor the separation and treatment processes from wellhead fluids to export metering. The technology requires only power as utility, operates for more than five years without maintenance and simply requires a six-monthly validation / calibration check.

Fuel and Flare Gas Quality

The WIM COMPASTM provides the essential combustion parameters of fuel and flare gas, which can be used for feed-forward control to optimize combustion efficiency and minimize emissions. By monitoring the gas feed, damage and downtime during power generation with gas turbines can be minimized. CO2 measurement and process gas chromatography can be integrated into the WIM COMPASTM, which will calculate CO2 emissions. For heavy oil and oil sand production, and the use of boiler feed water with a high TSS content, the WIM COMPASTM ensures safe evaporation rates.

Natural gas blending

The WIM COMPASTM is one of the best analyzers for oil and gas industry which is also a widely used instrument for natural gas blending, where its ≤0.05% repeatability and close-to-real-time measurement are crucial in feed-forward and feedback control. The WIM COMPASTM is also used to protect pipelines against off-spec gas entering the grid.

Sample conditioning for gas analyzers

The HIFISC sample conditioning system is the result of over 15 years’ experience with analyzers in the upstream industry. The system boasts an unmatched combination of features: safety, minimum venting or flaring, close to zero maintenance, fast response and high sample integrity. Analyzer uptime and performance are the net result of using this unique approach. Remote diagnostics on the essential functions of the sampling system are a valuable tool, maximizing uptime at minimum maintenance levels in remote locations.

Process analyzer packages and manual sampling

From separation and treatment processes to final product metering, product quality parameters are of vital importance, especially with today’s increasing process complexity. For analyzing the quality of oil, gas, produced water and injection water, we offer reliable solutions. Our commitment is to be a dependable partner to our customers from the FEED, through detailed engineering, supply, testing and start-up, and by offering condition-based maintenance in the operational phase. Our objective is to supply our clients with reliable data from oil and gas production, even in remote areas. Applications (in addition to in-house manufactured products) include:

  • Oil in water
  • Separator profiling
  • Water in oil
  • Oxygen in gases
  • Water injection and quality
  • Metering analyzers

Our experienced and highly-qualified engineering, production and service team is committed to integrating specific requirements into a reliable working solution.

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