Best technology solutions for food industry
The safety and efficiency of powder drying has increased in significance for manufacturers operating in the food and feed industry. This is mainly caused by increasing demand, rising energy prices and environmental requirements. Manufacturers are therefore challenged to improve efficiency, while keeping their operations continuous, cost effective and most importantly safe.

Absolute humidity analysis and CO detection

The HICOSYS provides (best technology solutions for food industry) accurate measurement of absolute humidity and fast and reliable CO detection, while keeping control over the two important operational goals of the drying process:


Flow, temperature and humidity are important parameters for maximizing the efficiency of the powder dryer operation. Measurement of absolute humidity in an accurate and reliable way has always been a challenge for powder dryers. Dewpoint measurement technology has proven to be inaccurate and unreliable for this application. Calculation of the humidity by material balance depends on many parameters and is inaccurate. Only a direct, accurate and reliable measurement of absolute humidity will give the required results.


Coagulation and lump formation of processed product caused by undesirable and uncontrolled process conditions are a risk for dryer operation. These shorten production cycles between cleaning. Moreover, coagulated product is exposed to increased residence times, causing undesirable and degenerating smoldering reactions, which are a significant fire and explosion risk. CO detection, as a pre-warning, is widely used as a safety system for dryers.

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