Best technology solutions for power generation industry

Fuel gas quality

The WIM COMPASTM provides the essential combustion parameters of fuel gas for boilers and gas turbines. This enables control of the energy flow and air:fuel ratio. Other benefits include:

  • Optimum combustion efficiency under fluctating fuel gas quality
  • Minimum exhaust gas emission
  • Improved gas turbine availability
  • Reduced risk of equipment damage

Especially for Dry Low Emission (DLE) gas turbines operating with fuel gases of varying quality, the WIM COMPASTM has proven its excellence in more than 100 installations. CO2 measurement and process gas chromatography can be integrated into the WIM Compas™, the former allowing calculation of CO2 emissions.

H2S and S in fuel gas

The HTL Hilase is used to monitor a variety of gas streams such as fuel gas, flare gas, recycled gas and LPG. For fuel gas and flare gas, a wide range of concentrations of H2S and S from low ppm up to percentage levels can be measured with a single instrument. This results in accurate measurement at the low levels that occur during normal operation and at the peaks that occur during a process upset. The technology requires only power as utility, operates over five years without any maintenance and simply requires a six-monthly validation / calibration check.

Boiler water chemistry

With Sentry products, a complete range of sample conditioning components, sample coolers and systems is available for boiler, water and steam chemistry control.

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