Best technology solutions for steel industry

Blast furnace, coke oven and natural gas

In the steel industry, in-house-produced gases such as blast furnace gas, coke oven gas and natural gas are used for power generation and heat treatment processes.
Fluctuating gas compositions present a challenge to combustion control and gas blending. The WIM COMPASTM measures the Wobbe Index, heating value, specific gravity and Combustion Air Requirement Index of these fuel gases in a steel plant.
The above-mentioned parameters can be used to reach complete combustion, or to generate a stable oxidizing or reducing oven atmosphere. The close-to-real-time analyzer keeps the process under control. For installations with multiple small burners operating under varying fuel gas quality, automatic control is not possible. The gas stabilization system can be installed at the plant inlet, providing stable gas to the plant. This gas-blending package mixes fluctuating fuel gas with air or another auxiliary gas to form a stable gas, feeding each individual burner. This complete, engineered and tested solution is easy to install at an existing plant, and provides a good furnace atmosphere under fluctuating fuel gas quality.

H2S and sulfur in fuel gas

The HTL Hilase is used to monitor a variety of gas streams in a steel plant. For fuel gas and flare gas, a wide range of concentrations of H2S and S from low ppm up to percentage levels can be measured with a single instrument. This results in accurate measurement at the low levels that occur during normal operation and at the peaks that occur during a process upset. The technology requires only power as utility, operates over five years without any maintenance and simply requires a six-monthly validation / calibration check.

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