Natural gas quality measurement

The rise in cross-border gas trading is impacting gas quality by causing it to fluctuate more often and more rapidly. Fast-changing gas quality can have serious implications for your combustion installations such as furnaces and boilers. Common problems include:

  • Reduced capacity
  • Higher CO, NOx or even CxHy emissions
  • Contamination due to soot formation
  • Equipment failure
  • Variations in product quality

These problems result in higher financial costs, safety issues and loss of production. By measuring the quality prior to combustion and enabling feed forward control the Hobré HIGAS Natural Gas Quality Measurement Meter will eliminate these problems.

Optimization of burner settings

Current burners mostly use a fixed setting or rely on feedback control. Control systems take into account changes in weather, such as temperature and air pressure, gas pressure fluctuations and relatively slow changes in gas quality with a well-restricted bandwidth. However these systems are not set up to deal with step-changes and an increased bandwidth. A fast feed-forward control is therefore required, making the HIGAS the obvious choice.

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