Crucial factors for successful analyzer implementation include selecting the best available process analyzer technologies, a good understanding of the process conditions and performance requirements, and suitably-designed sample conditioning and validation systems. The performance is determined by the combined strength of all the components. Our experienced engineering, production, testing and service team is committed to collaborating with our clients and partners, to implement analyzer systems with the required functionality at the lowest possible cost of ownership.

Turnkey systems

Doing the job right first time may require a slight increase in CAPEX. However, experience has shown us that our approach consistently results in a quicker return on investment and a lower cost of ownership.
All our analyzers can be supplied with all associated systems, from sample probes to final data reporting. Our expertise with complete analyzer packages and manual sampling systems covers:

  • Oil and gas production
  • Gas and oil transportation, terminals and storages
  • Oil refining
  • LNG liquefaction and vaporizing
  • Petrochemical applications

In the above industries, Hobré has developed the experience and technologies needed to provide complete packages of process analyzers and manual sampling systems, which control product quality throughout the production process.

Customized solutions

For analyzer packages, we are able to design and build fit-for-purpose and cost-effective solution packages, meeting local requirements and satisfying each client’s unique specifications.