Liquid Sample Conditioning for analyzer
Our portfolio is enhanced with Liquid Sample Conditioning for analyzer, Calibration and Sample Recovery Components. It is a well-recognized fact that in many applications sample conditioning is a critical aspect of the performance of process analyzers. Hobré offers the following components.


Fast Loop Filtering

In most applications, liquid fuel analysis requires the removal of free water and solids down to the size of a few micron particles. The most common method for using an Inline Strainer (a mesh-type fast loop filter) is to combine it with a coalescer. Maintenance intervals can be increased drastically by using the HLSS Separator together with our polishing, high-surface-area HP-HT Membrane Filter; a combination that has been proven to extend maintenance intervals from weeks up to years. The HLSS separator removes more than 95% of the particles and water, thus reducing the membrane filter loading considerably. All of this helps improve analyzer performance.

Closed loop circulation chillers

Where sample cooling is required and sufficient cooling water is not available, closed loop circulation chillers provide adequate liquid sample cooling.

Validation and Calibration

For the calibration of liquid analyzers, Hobré Instruments offers Validation and Calibration Systems, for volatile and non-volatile fluids. The capacity and design of such validation vessels is determined by the process fluid, analyzer type and required flow.

Sample Recovery

To return spent samples back to the process or a pressurized return point, Hobré Instruments manufactures Sample Recovery Systems, either in our standard design or meeting situation-specific requirements.