Analyzer for measuring H2S, H2O and CO2 – TISOMIC

The TISOMIC, with unique PA-TDL technology, is a proven and low maintenance on-line process analyzer for H2S, H2O, and CO2 with state of the art electronics. Typical applications of the TISOMIC include everything from H2S in multiphase crude oil, down to H2S, H2O and CO2 in sales gas and pipeline monitoring.

PA-TDL Technology

The TISOMIC with PA-TDL technology, Measuring the Photo Acoustic effect excited by a TDL, can simultaneously measure H2S, H2O, and CO2 in liquid and gas streams. Our PA-TDL technology consists of a high-quality microphone for detecting the Photo Acoustic resonance created by a tunable diode laser in the measuring cell. Analyzing in the low ppm range is achievable by using a resonator with a 10 centimeter path length, without the use of moving parts and multi-pass mirrors.

The product features include:

  • Low, less-than-200cc/min cell flow
  • Wide range over four decades (log scale)
  • Temperature controlled cell
  • Full separation of sample-wetted parts and electronics by using fiber optics

When the TISOMIC is used with a well-designed sample conditioning system, such as the Hobré HIFISC, it can run with a drift of typically less than 3% over a year. Automatic validation or manual calibration is required only once every few months. Designed to be low maintenance, with power as its only utility, the cost of ownership is the lowest on the market.

Key Benefits

  • Close to zero maintenance
  • No moving parts
  • Stable and simple calibration
  • Wide dynamic range
  • MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure) of more than five years
  • Full separation of photo acoustic measuring cell and electronics
  • Detection range from low ppm to percentage levels
  • No limitations in natural gas matrix
  • Low cell flow (200cc/min)
  • Simultaneous multi-stream / components


Applications for the TISOMIC cover the following industries: natural gas, refinery, offshore, gas processing / LNG, power generation, petrochemical and alternative energy.

      • H2S in multiphase crude oil
      • H2S partial vapor pressure on separators and strippers
      • H2S / H2O in export crude oil and condensate
      • H2S in (produced) water
      • H2S / H2O / CO2 in (natural) gas treatment
      • H2S / H2O / CO2 in sales gas and pipeline monitoring
      • H2S monitoring before and after scavenger dosing
      • H2S and CO2 on amine absorbers
      • H2S in liquid fuels
      • H2S in head space of storage tanks
      • H2S in refinery fuel gas and flare gas
      • H2S and H2O in recycle gas
      • Fuel and flare gas quality
      • Natural gas blending
      • Gas turbine control
      • H2S and S in fuel gas
      • Raw biogas analysis
      • Processed biogas analysis at grid injection point