Accurate low flow odorization system

Gas distribution companies add a small quantity of odorant to gas, which prevents undetected gas leaks. Sulfur compounds such as Mercaptans or Tetra Hydro Thiophene (THT) produce an alarming odor at very low concentrations. This is added at ppm level during the injection of the gas into the distribution grid.

Accurately ordorizing small Natural Gas flows is challenging, as only minute quantities of THT (or other odorant types) need to be added. For example, a gas stream of 25 Nm3/hour merely requires THT or mercaptan sulfur at 450 milligram/hour. We supplied a Sentry odorization system at a biogas upgrading plant in the Netherlands, which was demonstrated on a 20 Nm3/hour “green gas” stream. An accredited laboratory measured the THT level during commissioning and operation of the system.

The Sentry odorization system utilizes a sophisticated dosing system and measures the actual injected THT flow. Remote monitoring and configuration via Ethernet is possible. A user friendly local HMI (full color touch screen) is included. For small-scale gas injection, common for “green gas” projects, the Sentry system enables gas to be ordorized within the specific limits and is the best cost-effective option on the market.

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