Hobré receives 9COM number

As of December 2014, our Hobré WIM COMPASTM BTU analyzer has received a 9COM approval number from Saudi Aramco.

Building on Hobré’s 20+ years of success and experience with residual oxygen type analyzers, the WIM COMPASTM adds to our portfolio of process analyzers for measuring the Wobbe Index, heating value (BTU) and the Combustion Air Requirement Index (CARI). The WIM COMPAS™ is used to control the thermal input and air:fuel ratio in such a way that disturbances caused by fuel gas fluctuations are minimized and the combustion process occurs with maximum efficiency, reducing emissions to a minimum.

Over the last decade, Hobré has provided multiple systems to projects involving Saudi Aramco as a joint venture partner. We are extremely pleased with this achievement, as it enables Saudi Aramco to use our technology for their projects and will strengthen and enhance further collaborations.

The Hobré WIM COMPASTM 9COM reference number is 6000002882.

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