• Brochure BICOSYS

Technical specs

MeasuringContinuously CO in the gaseous streams.
ServiceSafety in spray drying food and feed, and other drying processes.
Sampling systemAtmospheric. Sample conditioning with condense coolers.
Measuring principleNDIR gas filter correlation
Sample probes
Stainless steel sintered filter probesHigh-capacity filter probe, Varinline® compatible, DN 25
Maximum process temperature450ºC
Sample line6mm or 8mm outside diameter (no heating required).
Measuring ranges
Measuring range CO0 – 200 PPM.
Lower detectable limit CO< 0.04 PPM or 0.2% of reading whichever is greater.
Zero drift30 days: < 0.1 PPM.
Span drift7 days: < 0.5% of reading.
Precision CO0,1 PPM or 0.1% of reading, whichever is greater.
Sample flow5 normal liter/min per sample stream.
COPPM absolute and delta CO.
Alarm levels COThree levels; free adjustable.
Analogue outputsUp 4x 4-20 mA (ref. CO and DCO)
Digital outputsMinor alarms
Major alarms
CIP acknowledges
System ready
System on
InterfaceHMI to be installed in control room or on cabinet door.
Installation and utilities
Access cabinetFront and back door.
WeightApprox 300 kg
Hoisting4 lifting eyes
Dimensions cabinet2000 x 600 x 820 mm; 81.1” x 23.6” x 36.4” (h x w x d)
Ambient cabinetmax 30°C
Power consumption2500W
Sound pressure level< 70 dB(A)
IP RatingIP54