At Hobré, we are seeking the best Manufacturer Representative partners to support our customers across the entire USA even better. Therefor we are very excited to have entered into a partnership with Cherokee Integration & Solutions. They will represent the TISOMIC and WIM Compas products for the Natural gas industry in the state of New Mexico and West Texas.

We as Hobré are looking forward to this fertile cooperation

Management Team Hobré Instruments BV


About Cherokee Integration and Solutions

Cherokee Integrations & Solutions provides analytical solutions and packaging for the natural gas midstream, processing, and transportation markets. With their analytical experience and knowledge, they insure the integrity of their solutions through industry standards, best practices, and workmanship.

Cherokee Integration Group was formed, based on a combination of over 20 years of technical experience. With this extensive knowledge comes their expertise wrapped in a broad variety of equipment.

As they say: “If we don’t provide honesty and trust in our services someone else will, and that is why our focus will always be on customer service and quality”.