To: Global Customers and Partners

From: Hobré Instruments BV and Hobré USA

March 17, 2020


HOBRÉ is prepared to continue to support you with our service and products in these difficult times (COVID-19).

As the world faces a health crisis never seen before we at Hobre want to ensure our global customers and partners that we are doing everything in our control to ensure all products and services are available to you when needed. We also want to let you know we are also taking the health protection of our employees and communities into consideration in all decisions we have and will be taking.

We at Hobre want to assure each of you that as for now our supply chain is solid, we have parts for service and for manufacturing as we had foresight when this virus broke out to increase our stock of parts that would be needed to hopefully outlast this virus.

We have changed the way we do our day to day business in our offices as we have our sales and marketing people and other non-production personnel working partially from home and via Skype, but you can reach them on their cell phones or email. As far as our manufacturing personnel, we have instructed to keep a minimum medical required distance from one another at all time and we are providing all required hand sanitizers, gloves and extra cleaning services to our buildings.

We have instituted online Factory Acceptance Tests with video so that your projects can be shipped on time to meet your project deadlines. We also offer on line and video service support if you require.

Please know that Hobré is prepared and open for business to help our customers and partners during these difficult times.

We wish you good health, good business and we are here for you,

Marc de Leeuw
CEO Hobré Instruments