In today’s turbulent times, it is important to keep abreast of developments in our industry and the products it brings with it.

We as Hobre Analyzer Solutions think it is important to share our knowledge with you and that is why we will organize a number of webinars in the coming period. We hope to see you at our webinars. We would love to hear your feedback and possible suggestions for new topics to be treated as webinars.


Webinar April 16:

Process possibilities within the Metal & Mining Industry.

Our product manager (Etienne Hunt) and Metals & Mining Industry Specialist (Fabio Maggiore) are happy to welcome you on a virtual tour! During this 20 minutes session, we will elaborate on the latest online analysis technology available in our Hobré portal, tailored to the Metals & Mining Industry. Emphasis will be given to the benefits and savings our technology will bring to your organization and production process.


If you would like to have the content please contact Fabio Maggiore