Safety and efficiency of powder drying have increased in significance for manufacturers operating in the food and feed industry. The HICOSYS CO & H2O Monitoring System provides control over these two important operational goals of the drying process. The durable technology delivers accurate measurement of absolute humidity, and fast and reliable CO detection.

Flexible CO and H2O analyzer

Enabled with multiple sample points, the HICOSYS is an exceedingly flexible instrument that can be fitted at all types of spray dryer installations. It sequentially measures up to eight sample points with a fast response of only 10 to 15 seconds per sample. CO and absolute humidity are measured simultaneously.


  • Sample probes for various applications
  • Low-pressure sample system
  • Tunable Diode Laser analyzer
  • Diagnostics


  • Control of process efficiency
  • Improved process safety
  • Reduced operational costs


The HICOSYS can be set up for all water-based liquids being dried to powder using hot air with powder dryers, agglomeration towers, belt dryers, disc dryers, fluid beds and bag filters.

    • Products likely to smolder when being dried, causing risk of fire and explosion
    • Organic products undergoing degenerating exothermic reactions, such as oxidation or Maillard reactions, in drying process conditions
    • Sticky products at risk of forming lumps and sediment
    • Final products, including all processed products such as skimmed milk, full-fat milk, infant formula, WPC, whey permeates, coffee creamers, coffee, tea, organic flavors and vegetable-based products


CO Detection

The NICOSYS 3 is a basic CO detection system for spray dryers as well as other types of dryer. Based on conventional technology it can be used for detection of CO and delta CO between the common inlet and outlet of the dryer installation.