Gas Sample Conditioning System – Hobré HIFISC
The Hobré HIFISC gas sample conditioning system is the result of years of development. It takes a radically different approach, resulting in quick response time, high analyzer uptime, reduced maintenance and improved performance. Diagnostics on the essential functions of the sampling system are a valuable tool to maximize uptime and minimize maintenance in remote locations.

Sample Conditioning

To perform a high-quality analysis it is crucial that an analyzer receives an uncontaminated gas sample. This is achieved through sample conditioning. The Hobré HIFISC can be combined with most process gas analyzers; we design and produce sample conditioning systems to meet the exact needs of each analyzer.


  • Improved stabilization time
  • 90% reduction in venting and flaring emissions
  • Enhanced availability
  • Suitable for highly contaminated streams and reactive trace gas analysis
  • Zero dead volume
  • Maintenance intervals of more than 12 months
  • Fail-safe operation

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  • Analysis of trace levels of H2O and H2S
  • High-pressure applications such as natural gas
  • Liquefied gas streams
  • Contaminated or wet gas from amine scrubbers, glycol dryers and separators