Natural Gas Quality Analyzer Meter 

The residual oxygen Wobbe Index technology has proved its value in large industrial fuel gas control systems. The larger and faster variations in natural gas raised a demand to use the technology for smaller size burner installations. The HIGAS is a compact natural gas quality analyzer meter, providing the Wobbe Index, Heating Value, Specific Gravity and Combustion Air Requirement within 15 seconds.

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“A very practical portable small WIM COMPAS”


The robust and easy to use technology is available as tho versions:


The Portable Natural Gas Quality Analyzer

The portable version is equipped with optional battery power and is the ideal tool for burner adjustments. With the actual natural gas quality parameter during burner adjustment, optimum settings are achieved.

The Stationary Natural Gas Quality Analyzer

The stationary natural gas quality meter can be used to control the energy flow and air: fuel ratio to burners.