Metorex C100 – Elemental Analysis in liquids
The Metorex C100 EDXRF analyzer is for elemental analysis in liquids, from silicon (Z=14) to uranium (Z=92), from 1 ppm to 10%. The C100 analyzer uses an X-ray tube as its energy source, rather than radioactive sources. The analyzer – which has no moving parts – features integrated auto-validation on a solid reference material. The net effect is a close-to-zero-maintenance analyzer with calibration intervals of typically more than a year.

The Metorex C100 technology provides the following advantages

  • No high temperature conversions
  • Leak detector triggering an instantaneous alarm in case of cell leaks, and alarm inputs and outputs (allowing complete shutdown in case of emergency)
  • Wide measurement range
  • The X-ray source is an X-ray tube, meaning radiation is stopped when the power is switched off
  • Internal referencing on a solid reference material eliminates detector and electronic drift
  • Optional heated sample cell for high viscosity products
  • Analysis is not influenced by product density variation or C:H ratio variations
  • Available for ATEX 2G (Zones 1) and 3G (Zones 2) or NEC Divisions 1 and 2
  • Elements from AI to U can be measured extremely accurately
  • Up to four different elements can be measured at once


The Hobré Metorex C100 provides solutions for the following applications

Petroleum Refinery

The C100 LSXT is the most robust on-line analyzer for elemental analysis in liquids, with an element-detection range from 1 ppm(wt) to 10%. The instrument is not limited by Final Boiling Point or fatty acid methyl esters (biodiesel), and not affected by nitrogen-containing chemicals such as cetane improvers. The low background detection in combination with automatic flushing enables usage at 10ppm(wt), and results in considerably lower cost of ownership and higher availability compared with injection-conversion technologies.

(Petro) Chemical Industry

Low and high-sulfur naphtha blending in ethylene cracking feedstock
Results can be optimized by blending lower-cost high-S naphtha with low-S naphtha. In addition to saving costs on feedstock, this method reduces CO production and extends furnace-run lengths.

Catalyst analysis
In many chemical processes, measuring the concentration of the catalyst in the process stream is valuable for controlling the process. The C100-XT is designed to measure catalyst concentration in the feed, process and recovery streams. Typical applications include measuring C, Mn and Br in PIA and PTA plants.

Metal Plating

The Metorex C100 is suitable for measuring metals in galvanic baths and wastewater. Typical elements include Sn, Cr, Ni and Cu.

Waste Water Application

Trace metals such as Pb, Mo and Cu can be measured.