Analysis of Total Sulfur in Petroleum Products

The Hobré Metorex C100 EDXRF analyzer is the ultimate robust tool for on-line measurement of total sulfur in liquid petroleum fractions. The analyzer is not limited by the final boiling point and is capable of measuring sulfur concentrations from 1 ppm to percentage levels.

Hobré has installed many C100 process sulfur analyzers worldwide, and has over 25 years of industry experience, providing proven solutions for online analysis, including sample conditioning, flushing systems and sample recovery systems.

The Hobré Metorex C100 offers unique benefits, including:

  • No moving, nor sample-wetted parts; no injection valves, and no vaporizing problems with fractions of high boiling point
  • No high-temperature conversions with their associated equipment failure and maintenance
  • Close to 100% availability with minimal maintenance cost
  • Direct measurement of sulfur in the liquid phase; direct reading in ppm(wt) without the need for density correction
  • No limitations on final boiling point
  • Unaffected by biodiesel (FAME) or cetane improvers
  • Full elimination of span drift by the internal referencing method
  • Measuring range from 1 ppm(wt) to percentage levels
  • Optional heated sample cell ­– to 80ºC (approx. 175ºF)
  • Meets the requirements for ASTM standards D4294 and D7212

Sulfur in HDS and blending processes
The robust C100 with a standard deviation of less than 0.35 ppm at the 10 ppm level and 1.5 ppm at the 1000 ppm level is used frequently in hydrodesulfurization (HDS) and blending in gasoline and diesel applications.

Low-sulfur marine diesel/fuel
The easy to use C100 is ideally suited to measure sulfur contents of 0.1% as required in the new marine fuel regulations in designated emission control areas. The same analyzer is also suitable to measure the 3.5% sulfur contents which is allowed outside the designated emission-control areas. Read the full article.

XRA method
The widely-used XRA method for analyzing sulfur, which measures in the percentage range, lacks accuracy at the 1000 ppm level, and is affected by matrix changes in the fuel. The C100 with the heated sample cell can handle fuel up to a maximum viscosity of 100 cSt at 80ºC at a repeatability of 1.5 ppm at the 1000 ppm level.

The Hobré Metorex C100 analyzers are easy to operate with low maintenance, due to a complete lack of moving parts and high-temperature conversion methods. Additionally, sampling and conditioning requirements are minimal, and no oxygen or high temperature components are required. ATEX and NEC versions are available on request.

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