“The WIM COMPAS after our flare recovery system is the best way to control we don’t emit any unburned hydrocarbons and monitor compliance at the lowest costs”


For over 40 years Hobré instruments has delivered what we promised. Our collaborations and partnerships with leading Oil and Gas companies has helped us in developing a best in class analyzer company. We offer innovative products, analytical consulting, engineering and complete turn-key analytic solutions.

Process control is the key in refining, blending, distillation, purification, sulphur specification, flaring, or any other application where critical analyzation is required. Hobre’s TISOMIC analyzer key features are accurate analyzation with quick response and update time. All of these features make the TISOMIC the best analyzer choice for process control. Control your product quality, reduce your operating cost, meet or exceed your environmental regulatory compliance and safety with an analyzer upgrade.

Our TISOMIC analyzer precisely measuring hydrogen sulfide (H2S), moisture H2O), carbon dioxide  (CO2), in crude oil, in refined liquids, on desulfurization processes, at catalyst protection, (metals and silicon content) and many other applications. We also support systems for fuel gas optimization and assuring no unburned hydrocarbons are emitted while flaring. Our TISOMIC , WIM COMPAS, HIFISC and C-QUAND are all Hobre proprietary products that can be integrated into a ‘total-solution’ systems.


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