Continuous CO Detection In Spray Drying

The safety of powder drying has become increasingly significant for spray drying manufacturers. The outbreak of fire is a significant risk in these factories, potentially causing serious damage.

CO detection is widely used for pre-warning in dryer installation safety systems. Uncontrolled process conditions can cause the product to coagulate and form lumps. These coagulated products are exposed to increased residence times, which can cause smoldering reactions. These smoldering reactions are a significant risk of fire and explosion.
Over the years CO detection has proven itself as a reliable pre-warning system that shows a detectable increase in CO concentration due to smolder, more than 30 minutes before fire and explosion occurs.

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Key benefits

  • Improve process safety
  • Continuous CO detection
  • Excellent suitability with high and fluctuating background CO
  • Dual analyzer setup (redundancy by design)
  • CIP & ATEX suitable probes
  • Advanced remote access capabilities
  • UPS

“The BICOSYS is our preferred choice for a CO detection system!
The unique dual analyzer setup ensures that in the unlikely event of an analyzer failure, process safety is guaranteed, and downtime avoided!”


Zero compromises in spray dryer safety

The BICOSYS is a high-end continuous CO detection system. The system monitors the incoming and outgoing CO concentrations to prevent false alarms due to high background CO concentration peaks in the wider environment, caused by trucks, exhaust pipes, fires, etc.

The BICOSYS distinct itself with a continuous measurement without the need of switching between the inlet and outlet, which leaves no window for false alarms!

The BICOSYS is by default equipped with two NDIR analyzers for continuous measurement of the inlet and outlet air, condensate coolers, UPS, wireless remote accessibility module for service & support, and dynamic flow-regulating sample probes depending on your production recipe or characteristics (such as fan speeds, product, temperature, etc.).

Even in the unlikely event of an analyzer failure, process safety and uptime are still guaranteed by the so-called limp mode. During the limp mode, the BICOSYS will operate based on a sequential measurement (altering between the inlet and outlet) by means of one of the two analyzers. This is the unmatched benefit of the BICOSYS’ unique dual analyzer setup. The advanced proprietary software of the BICOSYS mimics the flow behavior in the tower according to a set of tower specific characteristics. Thanks to our software, the BICOSYS has the lowest risk of false alarms in high and fluctuating background CO situations if compared to competition.

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