“We have the lowest scavenger usage and reliable control over moisture content in the gas this assures no hydrate formations in the transport lines and we keep our product within the required specification”


Oil and Gas production and transporting are important areas for on-line monitoring of hydrogen sulfide (H2S), moisture H2O) and carbon dioxide  (CO2) with different requirements for onshore and offshore production locations. Hobré is the specialist for simple to complex analytic solutions. Hobré’s propriety standard solutions, customized remotely controlled solutions and integrated solutions can cover all of your analyzer needs.

Our capabilities include hydrogen sulfide (H2S), moisture H2O) and carbon dioxide  (CO2) measurement in produced gas and pipelines. Additionally, we are the only manufacturer that can provide analysis of sulphur treatment (before and after sulphur removal) or at drying towers with a single analyzer. Hobré’s TISOMIC ensure the right gas quality is delivered at the lowest cost, while assuring pipeline integrity and safety. Comparable systems are delivered for midstream compliance and metering applications.

Futhermore, Hobré systems are ideal for H2S measurement in head-space, liquids (Crude oil, Condensate, (Waste)Water) as well as measuring Sulphur, Salt (Cl), Silicon and metals in crude or waste waters. All enabling increasing productivity while reducing environmental and safety risks.

With our proprietary products we can measure almost all elements in liquids and molecules in gasses. Our WIM COMPAS also provides BTU analytical solutions for instant fast and reliable analysis of all the above with our Hobré HIFISC-system with “zero dead volume” realizing almost instant response time. All our products are engineered for high reliability, low maintenance, communications and control.


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