“With the C-QUAND the amount of dissolved Gold in our process baths can be reduced to the absolute minimum whiles guaranteeing process quality. This leads to savings that are tremendous, and a multiple of the CAPEX of the analyzer!”


Recycling- and efficient mining of metals is hot on many fronts as natural resources are becoming scarce these days. Especially “urban mining” and the recycling of base- and precious metals from various industries require separation- & purification processes, often in liquid, acid processes. The control and batch-endpoint measurements require on-line X-ray fluorescence (XRF) elemental analysis to enable our customers to produce on-spec at the highest throughput possible. Hobré Instruments offers these analyzers for both the processes itself as well as waste water control to stay compliant again on the environmental regulations that apply.

Metal Recycling

Metal recycling Created with Sketch. Roasting / Calcination Smelting Leaching Purification / Precipitation Settling Tank Solvent Extraction / Ion Exchange Precipitation / separation Metal refining / Electrowinning / Metal Compound Synthesis Metal Alloys / Metal Compound