“For measuring different elements on line in catalyst and also in for instance PTA the C-QUAND is the only multi element on line solution in the market”

Chemical production involves complex and critical processes that require highly accurate analytical equipment. When you need to know, you need Hobre products to analyze and help control your processes. Meeting specifications, safe operations and complying to environmental regulations are imminent. On-line analyzers and sampling conditioning systems from Hobré Instruments can help you get the most out of your assets while maintaining quality and safety.

Our C-QUAND XRF analyser measures homogeneous catalysts in base chemical processes like PTA and aldehydes production. C-QUAND also measures metals in waste water at the inlet of water treatment plants and environmental compliance monitoring before discharge. Hobré offers customized analysis systems for base chemical production including ethylene and propylene. Our WIM Compass does calorific value analysis in fuel for feed forward combustion optimization and flare gas analysis for compliance monitoring. The TISOMIC measures H2S in fuel gases and in critical applications like hydrogen purification.
These analyzers can be used in numerous applications. Hobré has a long standing reputation for advice and engineered customer solutions.


Chemical Created with Sketch. Liquid Naphtha Shalegas Steam Cracking Fractionation Ethylene Propylene Poly products Acrylics Resins/Rubber Butenes

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Immediately we offer a total guarantee for a maximum of 10 years after delivery on the WIM COMPAS.


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