Crucial factors for successful analyzer implementation include selecting the best available process analyzer technologies, a good understanding of the process conditions and performance requirements, and suitable-designed sample conditioning and validation systems. The performance is determined by the combined strength of all the components. Our experienced engineering, production, testing and service team is committed to collaborate with our clients and partners, to implement analyzer systems with the required functionality at the lowest possible cost of ownership. Founded in 1978, we provide complete process analyzer solutions based on our customers need. A few of our online analyzer solutions, are highlighted below.

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“We have a strong preference for Hobré as system integrator because of their long experience in building sampling systems as well as their experience with a very broad range of different analysers”.


It is our goal to provide an innovative analyzing solution tailored to the specific requirements of our customer. We deliver analyzing solutions that provide more reliable information for our customers, to create an optimum process efficiency and reduced OPEX. Our experience has shown us that our approach consistently results in a quicker return on investment and a lower cost of ownership.

We provide customized analyzing solutions for the following industries:

  • Oil & Gas; upstream, midstream, downstream.
  • Dairy industry; complete solutions for spray-drying installations.
  • Metal, mining and recycling industry
  • Energy; combustion control meganisms
  • Alternative energy: electricity to gas conversion/streams
  • Renewables
  • Steel and glass industry


Typical upstream analysis and sampling solutions

Water cut measurement
In various stages of production
Typical applications: At well, after separators, desalting outlet and export crude oil

Oil in water monitoring
For controlling and monitoring various stage of the produced water treatment
Typical applications: Separator outlets, Cyclone outlets, before overboard discharge.

H2S analysis in various stages of crude and gas processing
Typical applications: Separator outlets, Monitoring of H2S removal processes, sales gas metering.

Moisture measurement in gas production
Typical applications: Glycol dehydration control, Absorption bed regeneration control, sales gas monitoring.

Gas composition analysis with a Gas Chromatograph
Typical applications: typically in fractionation process and sales gas monitoring

Fuel gas quality with Wobbe Index Analyser and Gas Chromatograph
Typical applications: gas turbine and boiler control

Water quality analysis
Typically including : pH, Conductivity, turbidity, chlorine content dissolved oxygen etc

Crude Oil Parameters
Typically including : Vapour pressure, density, Sulphur , Salt in Crude

Manual sampling
On various positions in the plant





Typical downstream analysis and sampling solutions

Analyzer houses
Executed in concrete, S304, SS316, Painted galvanized steel or GRP

  • Heating, ventilation or complete HVAC systems.
  • Safeguarding and safety systems
  • Power distribution
  • Completely assembled and tested before transport to site

Physical property Parameters
Typically including : Vapour pressure, Colour , Distillation, Flash point, Cloud point, Pourpoint, Viscosity etc.

Gas composition analysis with a Gas Chromatograph
For Gas and liquid applications

Fuel gas monitoring
Typically including : O2 , O2/ Combustibles, CO analysis

Fuel gas quality with Wobbe Index Analyser and Gas Chromatograph
Typical applications: Furnace and boiler control

Waste water and cooling water analysis
Typically including : pH, Conductivity, turbidity, chlorine, TOC etc

Manual sampling
On various positions in the plant



LNG analysis and sampling solutions

For LNG custody transfer it is now common practice to determine the composition and gross calorific value of delivered LNG by direct online analysis plus indirect lab analysis methods. The handling of the LNG before analyzing can have significant effect on the representivity of the sample. A sample which is not representative results in incorrect measurement which can have a significant financial impact. Hobré Instruments successfully supplied systems for these extreme conditions. This project scope was realized by:

  • Take-off probe and vaporizer
  • Automatic and spot sampling system
  • Wobbe index analyzer
  • Process gas chromatograph
  • Sample conditioning system