The safety and efficiency of spray drying has become increasingly important for manufacturers operating in the food and feed industry, due to increasing demand, energy prices and environmental requirements. Manufacturers therefore face the challenge to improve efficiency, while keeping their operations continues, cost effective and most importantly safe!

CO detection is the only key preventive protection method available to this industry. It monitors the spray dryer for any signs of thermal degradation before they become potential hazards resulting in a fire or explosion.

Hobré instruments is specialised in solutions that safeguard your operation and that enhance productivity resulting in a 5-15% higher output with adding just one analyser and some specific training. Hobré enables spray-dryer builders and operators to get the most out of their assets in a safe and efficient way by monitoring the full unit operation for carbon monoxide (CO) and moisture (H2O)  in absolute humidity. We support this with a well-trained international service team, both based in Europe and in North America.

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