H2O Analysis in spray drying

In spray drying processes, the capacity of the dryer is greatly influenced by the humidity of the drying air. The more water the inlet air contains, the lower the remaining capacity for water uptake of this air is. By measuring humidity of the drying air, the process can be controlled in a way to maximize water uptake of each kilogram of air. At the same time powder production capacity is maximized and energy efficiency is

A main issue of spray drying is fouling of the dryer due to stickiness of the product. Fouling results in shorter running time between cleaning procedures and in the worst-case causes blocking of the dryer by lumps of powder. Improved process control by humidity measurements can minimize fouling, extend the time between CIP’s and avoid blocking of the dryer. This will again result in capacity increase and also safe processing.

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Key benefits

  • Improve process efficiency
  • High-end TDL based analysis
  • Multipoint sampling, up to 2 streams
  • Unmatched sampling capabilities (high temp, before cyclones/bag filters)
  • CIP & ATEX Suitable probes
  • Advanced event & alarm logging

“The only humidity analyzer available that meets or exceeds the performance of lab
technology, whiles being able to sample at the most challenging positions in our
spray dryer.”


Process efficiency

Humidity is one of the most important parameters which can be used in maximizing the efficiency of spray drying operations.
Measurement of absolute humidity at elevated temperatures and high dust loads – in an accurate and reliable way – has
always been a challenge for end-users. RH Capacitive and dew point measurement technology has proven to be inaccurate
and unreliable for these challenging applications. In addition, soft sensors (material balance, flow, density) calculation
of H2O depends on too many parameters and is often considered to be imprecise.

With our proprietary probes, the HICOSYS AQUA is capable of measurement at the most challenging locations such as the
tower exhaust, even before filtration by cyclones and/or bag filters.
The TDL (tunable diode laser) based HICOSYS AQUA, sequentially measures both sample streams. The operator receives continuous
information and updates of the H2O concentrations of the two sample streams, given in vol.% or g/kg dry air. The proprietary lowpressure
sampling concept avoids condensation of water whiles making sample tracing obsolete.


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