Hobré’s insurance program

Hobré’s insurance program is designed to help customers reduce overall life cycle costs and provide a low cost method for maintaining unit availability. Customers can improve site availability by leasing equipment from Hobré when their own equipment is in for repair, or when equipment is being repaired on site. Lease assets are provided under member or non-member lease agreement concepts. Please contact our service team for more information.

Remote support

Hobré offers remote support service bundles to provide swift support through phone and / or e-mail, as 1st line support. In the majority of the cases we are able to solve the issue through remote support.

Customer benefits:

  • Swift response
  • Rapid problem identification
  • In most cases fast solution (increased availability)
  • Lower costs vs site intervention

In certain cases it will not be possible to solve the issue through remote support, requiring an on-site intervention. However, remote support can lead to faster problem identification and therefore lower down-time during the following intervention.

Lifetime product support

Hobré is committed to service its equipment throughout the lifetime of the product. This service includes offering upgrades to replace obsolete components, as well as possible upgrades with enhanced functionality.

Typical examples are:

  • Upgrading operator interface (HMI)
  • Replace obsolete electronics with current versions

Typical customer benefits include ability to schedule a revision / upgrade at a convenient time vs an unscheduled outage for an extended period of time due to unavailability of obsolete components.

Maintenance contract

Hobré is offering its valued customers the ability for a maintenance contract for their Hobré equipment. As each customers requirements differ we have structured it flexible to meet your specific situation.

Typical Customer benefits include:

  • Priority from a planning’s perspective for scheduled maintenance.
  • Reduced operational costs due to scheduled preventive maintenance (increased availability).
  • Option to include remote support bundle (phone / e-Mail support).
  • Discount on spare parts.

Please contact service@hobre.com if you are interested in one of the above services.