Typical Applications

  • Trace levels of H2O, H2S in gas treatment
  • High Pressure export gas, natural gas GC
  • Liquefied gas streams (LPG)
  • Natural gas and LNG blending control
  • Manual sampling
  • Fuel gas control
  • (feed forward fixed heater control)
  • Gas turbine control
  • Syngas analysis
  • Scavenger dosing
  • Amine absorbers
  • Recycle gas
  • Other applications (please enquire)


  • Brochure HIFISC

Technical specs

Flow Impact Probe
SampleGas or liquefied gas
Process connection2” or 3”
Flange rating150# upto 2500# (RF or RTJ)
Isolation valvesSingle block, Double block and double block and bleed (standard)
Wetted partsSS316, 6MO, Duplex, Super Duplex, Hastelloy-C (others on request)
Welding examinationsNDE (Dye penetrant), optional limited or full X-ray
OptionsPainting, 3.1 material certificates, NACE, PMI
HPFF Filter
Body MaterialSS316, Duplex, Hastelloy-C, 6MO
TreatmentSulfinert coating possible
Filter elementMulti Phobic membrane (0,2 / 0,45 / 10 um), Hydrophobic (0,2 / 0,5 / 10 um
SS-316 (10 micron), High temp filter (Tmax:190°C)
Gaskets/O-ringsViton, Viton (Gas hydrate resistant), Kalrez
Total filter surface4 cm2
Internal volumeBy-pass side 13,7 ml
Sample side 1,2 ml
Recommended flow ratesBy-pass stream liquid > 1 lpm / gas > 2 lpm
Analyzer sample flow depending on filter element and sample.
Operating conditionsMaximum pressure 340 barG / high temp filter 285 barG
Maximum temperature 120°C / high temp filter 190°C
ConnectionsInlet ½” NPT, Outlet ½” NPT, Analyser sample outlet 1/8” NPT
CabinetSS316, SS304, GRP, Painted galvanized steel
DimensionsTypically (WXHXD) 800x x1000 x 400 mm
WeightTypically 75 kg, depending on configuration
HeatingIf required, depending on application
Power supply110 / 230 VAC 50/60 Hz
Power consumptionDepending on configuration (typically 100 – 600VA