Hobré, a global leader in cutting-edge process analyzer solutions, proudly announces the successful startup of two PRISM Raman analyzers in Texas, USA.


Main Objectives of the Project

Installed outdoors in hazardous areas (Class 1 Div 2), these PRISM analyzers signify a leap forward in precision gas analysis. The primary goal is to measure nitrogen levels in natural gas. This becomes paramount as the client utilizes a Nitrogen Recovery Unit (NRU) to reduce nitrogen content, ensuring compliance with stringent pipeline specifications.

In the quest for optimal control of Nitrogen Recovery Units and to prevent off-spec gas from entering the pipeline, Hobré’s PRISM analyzers emerged as the preferred choice over traditional Gas Chromatographs (GCs).


Benefits of the Solution



Swift Response
PRISM delivers results in seconds, a significant advantage over the minutes-long response time of GCs.


Easy Maintenance
With minimal maintenance requirements, PRISM ensures reliability even in demanding outdoor conditions.


No Carrier Gas Needed
Unlike GCs, PRISM operates efficiently without the need for carrier gas.







RAMAN Technology

The heart of PRISM lies in its RAMAN spectroscopy, enabling highly specific molecular identification for a precise understanding of gas composition.

Beyond measuring nitrogen content, PRISM analyzers provide a comprehensive analysis of multiple natural gas composition, that simultaneously measure C1..C5+, N2, H2, CO, CO2, H2O . This holistic approach enhances control precision and ensures compliance with rigorous quality standards.


Next Move

This successful deployment marks a paradigm shift in nitrogen measurement technology. By integrating PRISM analyzers into their operations, the client not only ensures compliance but gains a competitive edge through faster response times and reduced maintenance efforts.

Looking ahead, Hobré remains committed to advancing the industry. This successful application of PRISM analyzers opens avenues for broader applications and further positions Hobré as a pioneer in innovative gas analysis solutions.

Stay tuned for more updates as Hobré continues to redefine standards and drive progress in the world of process analyzers.