Hobré at World Hydrogen Summit, The Netherlands on May 9th – 11th

Over the last decade and in close consultation with key customers Hobré Instruments has adapted and expanded its product portfolio to meet with changing requirements. The transition towards sustainability and low carbon footprint is driving projects worldwide in many areas:

– Hydrogen generation and co-firing with natural gas

– Renewable natural gas and biofuels production

– Upstream and downstream flare gas monitoring

– Metal recycling including lithium batteries

Green hydrogen produced from solar or wind energy is increasingly mixed into natural gas grids, typical levels being up to a few percent at this moment. Also, in many countries projects are running that demonstrate the feasibility of bringing the hydrogen content in local gas grids up to 15% by volume. In industrial applications like feed forward control of gas turbines and furnaces the hydrogen content can be more than 80% and may fluctuate rapidly.The presence of hydrogen in natural gas introduces several challenges for which Hobré offers the right solution.

In corporation with TNO (the Netherlands Organization for applied scientific research) in Delft, Hobré developed a very robust and innovative, patented Raman Technology for online gas analysis in the oil and gas industry, including renewables. Our new PRISM analyzer offers a fast-responding gas composition analysis and in combination with Hobré’s proprietary HIFISC probe design we offer an unmatched Zero-Emission setup what we will proudly present to you at the World Hydrogen 2023 summit & exhibition in Ahoy Rotterdam, The Netherlands on May 9th – 11th.

World Hydrogen 2023 brings together government, research, innovation and private sector leaders for three full days dedicated solely to Hydrogen industry advancement and you are welcome to visit us at our booth E37.