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Across a wide range of sectors and processes, many engineers share a need for rapid, low-maintenance chemical measurement – often in challenging environments. These are the industries where, since 1978, Hobré has provided proven solutions for.

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Oil & Gas - Upstream

Within the upstream industry, oil and gas companies need continuous monitoring of their processes to ensure:

  • Safe operation
  • Quality of the oil & gas produced
  • High volume output
  • Cost reduction
  • Environmental compliance

Analyzing molecules and elements in oil, gas and water are key to ensure the operational goals above. In order to respond instantly on variations in processing natural products, on-line analyzers are required to support operational excellence.

Techniques like XRF, PA-TDL, combined with many other sensors, we measure individual elements, Wobbe-Index, total Sulfur, H2O, H2S, O2, CO2 etc. in Oil & Gas streams. Typical operations we support in the upstream area are purification, Sulfur removal, drying, metering and last but not least operational safety.

Oil & Gas - midstream and downstream

Transportation, pipeline monitoring, storage, blending, Sulfur specifications, LNG control, distillation, refining, purification, flaring,….all well known operations in the mid- and downstream industry. Most of them being continuous processes with high throughput require absolute and instant control over product quality. At the same time, compliance to environmental regulations is imminent as well as safely operating the assets.

Through 40 years of the experience in the field, Hobré instruments not only develops and produces state of the art and robust on-line analyzers, we also consult how- and where to get real information out of your processes.

Metal refining & recycling, mining & waste water

Recycling- and efficient mining of metals is hot on many fronts as natural resources are becoming scarce these days. Especially “urban mining” and the recycling of base- and precious metals from various industries require separation- & purification processes, often in liquid, acid processes. The control and batch-endpoint measurements require on-line XRF elemental analysis to enable our customers to produce on-spec at the highest throughput possible. Hobré Instruments offers these analyzers for both the processes itself as well as waste water control to stay compliant again on the environmental regulations that apply.

(petro) Chemical industry

Chemical products, often derived from petroleum, are made, modified, purified and much more in high volumes in 24/7 operations. Meeting specifications, safe operations and complying to environmental regulations are imminent here as well. On-line analyzers and sampling conditioning systems from Hobré Instruments are helping our customers in this industry to get the most out of their assets while not jeopardizing the quality or environment.

Power generation

Fuel gas quality measurements like BTU, CARI, H2S and S are getting more important in the power generation industry today. Fluctuations in the fuel gas composition and higher concentrations of N2 and CO2 are jeopardizing stable furnace controls, thus production quality and quantity. Balancing these fluctuations with N2– or natural gas injection is done by Hobré Instruments, often with redundant analyzers. CO monitoring in production is often neglected but of higher importance these days. We offer analyzers to ensure safe operations in this industry as well.

Steel Industry

Blast furnaces, coke oven and fluctuating natural/fuel gas compositions are some of the challenging components of running the steel industry in the most efficient way. Also safe operations (like CO) and environment (low NOx & SOx emissions) are drivers to operate these plants in the best, real-time fashion. With on-line analyzers we ensure lower energy consumption, stable furnace temperatures and safe, environment-friendly operations.

Food and pharmaceuticals

The global growing demand for milk powder and rising energy prices are pushing production facilities to optimize their processes. Optimal control of flow, temperature and humidity are important parameters for maximizing the efficiency of spray-dryers. At the same time, monitoring of CO is imminent to early detect smoldering, thus to ensure safe operation. Hobré Instruments enables spray-dryer builders and operators to get the most out of their assets in a safe way by monitoring the full unit operation for both moisture and CO.


Biogasses, green energy sources, such as power to Hydrogen require new metering solutions for quality control. Hobré Instruments analyzers are measuring all elements on-line for securing proper metering and gas blending purposes. Wobbe Index, H2 quantity etc are monitored on-line to ensure stable gas compositions.

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