CO, ΔCO and H2O Measurement

The safety and efficiency of spray drying has become increasingly important for manufacturers operating in the food and pharmaceutical industries due to increasing demand, energy prices, and environmental requirements. Manufacturers therefore face the challenge of improving efficiency while keeping their operations continuous, cost effective, and, most importantly, safe.

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Key benefits

  • Improve process safety & efficiency
  • Extend production cycles
  • Continuous leak detection
  • Multipoint sampling
  • Event and alarm logging

“The only CO-detection system that generates money and pays itself off in a couple of months!”




Flexible carbon monoxide (CO) and moisture (H2O) analyzer

The Hobré HICOSYS is the first to combine H2O and CO as two measuring components in one analyser. Enabled with multiple sample points, the HICOSYS is an exceedingly flexible instrument that can be fitted at all types of spray dryer installations. It sequentially measures up to eight sample points with a fast response of only 10 – 15 seconds per sample. CO and H2O in absolute humidity are measured simultaneously.

HICOSYS offers outstanding measurement of these parameters, making it possible for powder producers worldwide to either use one or both measuring components with only one instrument. The combination provides better control of powder sedimentation and further reduces smouldering.

The drivers for carbon monoxide (CO) and moisture (H2O) detection



Coagulation and lump formation in processed product, caused by undesired and uncontrolled process conditions, pose a large risk to the dryer’s operation and shorten production cycles between cleaning. Moreover, coagulated product is exposed to increased residence times, causing undesired and degenerating smouldering reactions which create a significant risk of fire and explosion. CO detection, as a pre-warning, is widely used as a dryer installation’s safety system. Read more about our NICOSYS analyzer.


Flow, temperature and humidity are important parameters used in maximizing the efficiency of powder dryer operation. Measurement of absolute humidity in an accurate and reliable way has always been a challenge for powder dryers and dew point measurement technology has proven to be inaccurate and unreliable for this application. In addition, material balance calculation of H2O depends on too many parameters and is often considered to be imprecise.

Product Comparison

Hobré Instruments B.V. only uses reliable components that have proven themselves under the severe conditions in food and feed drying factories, – and we provide the global service and maintenance necessary to keep such installations running. Below you may find the differentiation of our NICOSYS and HICOSYS.

MeasuringH2O & CO analyzer  CO analyzer
TechnologyOFCEAS-IR laser Technology– Tunable diode laser
– Optical Feedback Cavity Enhanced
– Absorption spectroscopy (OFCEAS)
Non-Dispersive Infrared Spectrophotometry (NDIR)– IR Absorption
– Gas filter correlation
UtilitiesInstrument air
Sample probeFiltered sample probeFiltered sample probe
FlowLow flow
Dry sample line
High Flow
Wet sample Line
Leak TestingContinous leak testStandard leak test
Sample sequencySample sequence 45 secSample sequence 80 sec
Power generation400 Watts2500 Watts